In 1977 Wayne Gregory founded Gregory Mountain Products in San Diego, California. From the start, Wayne wasn't just meticulous about designing packs that improved upon fit and used the best materials available, he also wanted to know how his designs worked in the field and what he could do better, a heritage of accessibility he has continued to present. Ultimately, Wayne realized that in the backpack business fit was king, and he pioneered many firsts. From the earliest days, Gregory packs were noted for their innovative design, ergonomic and comfortable fit, and obsession with quality, comfort and durability that continues to this today.

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Pacific Crest Trail Association
We were challenged by Gregory Mountain Products to take the #ALSicebucketchallenge. We gladly accepted. PCTA also made a donation in honor of friend and fellow hiker, Strider, who is facing the challenges of this disease. We challenge everyone who has attended Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off - ADZPCTKO, an event he founded, to make a donation to Look for Team Strider77.
Gregory Mountain Products
Avid Gregory Mountain Products users Pete and Patty stopped by the headquarters yesterday in Salt Lake City, Utah. Taking the tour with Ian from Black Diamond Equipment Ltd they got to show off their well worn Gregory packs. Patty picked up a new one, and Pete, well he just won't let go of a good old pack (even if the mice eat through it). Back on the road in their Dolphin camper (Flipper) they are already back to climbing in Moab..
Gregory Mountain Products
Trail Magic is real. Just ask the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Kristin McLane, aka Wayfaring Siren. Read more about how folks will help you along the trail at
Gregory Mountain Products
We are headed to Pacific Crest Trail Days next week. We will have the Pacific Crest Trail Association schwag and the record holder for the PCT with us, Joe McConaughy from Run For Colin. Talk with him about his 50 mile/day pace, and his event in Seattle on Sept 5th with The Mountaineers. Find out more about his event at
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For Spring 2015, Gregory will reintroduce its pinnacle backpacking products, the Baltoro and Deva. The brand will also debut the Stout and Amber packs, upgrade its successful trail running line, and bring the retro Sunbird line to the North American market.


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