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Ken Mitchell
Also found it to be a very wet boat when going into the waves, but great fun!
Ken Mitchell
Have just bought a Twister kayak. Tried it on Maketu[NZ] harbour this afternoon, and am very pleased with it. Only criticism is that the plastic is very slippery, and I almost dropped it when putting it on the car roof.
Wendy Hanington Hayes
Disney supporting Old Town
Old Town Canoes & Kayaks
Team work at it's finest! #tbt
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Old Town, Maine (August 5, 2014) Old Town Canoes & Kayaks, one of the most storied and trusted brands in the paddlesports industry, today launched a new generation of personal watercraft, the Old Town NEXT.  Elegantly combining the comfort
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The Old Town Discovery 169 is featured in the March 2011 issue of Canoe & Kayak.


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