Established in 1985, with product designs inspired from the NASA technology used in telescopes and satellites, Revo began its heritage as the creator of premium optics. Today, Revo continues its rich tradition of innovation by creating the clearest and most advanced high contrast polarized sunglasses on the market.

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Revo Sunglasses
US Weekly's peeking inside Danica Patrick's bag. Pick up the latest issue and find out why her Revos are never far away!
Revo Sunglasses
New blog post celebrating our #RevoHeritage is live! What were your favorite frames?
Farooq Umer Khan
wow i got Grand Sixties RE 4052-01 Polarized and i like it.
Pedro Osorio-Drummer
thanks for repair my lenses i like the new look in at (Revo Serilium Poly ) thanks again have a good day. from montreal canada
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