Vail Valley Foundation's Mountain Games hosts the nation’s largest celebration of adventure sports, lifestyle and music featuring top professional and amateur athletes from around the world in Vail, Colorado. With over 3,000 participants between the summer and winter games from 2012, the event continues to see rapid growth and offer new and exciting events for both participants and spectators. Disciplines include kayaking, mountain biking, bouldering, trail running, Nordic skiing, ice climbing, snowshoe racing, snow biking, ski mountaineering and more.

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Mountain Games
Aaron Chase's recipe to some sweet GoPro shots #lensninja #mtnbike
Mountain Games
UNDERWATER PUPPIES! Is there a better way to start a Tuesday?
Diane Finkelstein
Final MTB post for the season, in line with the Dogma Athletica post for today which said, "Trust the still, small voice that says, This Might Work and I'll Try It". If anyone doubts they can try something new at any age, you need to get your hind end into Dogma & work out with Brendan Finneran & Josiah Middaugh. I trained hard since Nov & set 2 goals for the summer GoPro Mountain Games @ the beg of summer & Maverick Sports Promotions Fall Classic @ the end, that meant 7 miles for the first race to 17 miles (longest race of the season & ever for this lady) at the last!!! I completed the Fall Classic yesterday, technical, hard climbing, used everything those boys taught me & not ashamed to say at 47 (much closer to 48) I kicked some butt in 5th place out of 17 riders (19+ age range). I can't wait to see what next year has in store...Stay Tuned!!!
Mountain Games
GoPros, helicopters, and lava... Oh my! Hope your weekend is as #epic as this guy's! #TGIF
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(Vail, Colo.) June 8, 2014Local boy Josiah Middaugh once again proved he is unbeatable in the Jack Links Beef Jerky Ultimate Mountain Challenge (UMC), winning the event for the eighth straight year, on the fourth and final day of
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