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Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Big Shot Bikes has been building customized, fixed-gear and single-speed bicycles since 2009. Big Shot is a leader in mass customization, allowing customers to design their own unique bikes online at bigshotbikebikes.com. With a choice of frame sizes, handlebar styles and thousands of color combinations, Big Shot offers fun, durable, high-quality bikes at an affordable price. Visit Big Shot Bikes >


Tim Handy
i wantansteampunk so badly
Big Shot Bikes
Cruisers make a great Christmas gift! This is my actual personal one. Love the slate grey frame. Not to mention you can deliver a case of beer on this sleigh.
Med Rouge
مـــعــجـــــزة سبحـــــــــانك ربي !! . حوت يونس علي قيد الحياه حتي الآآآن! . اليك التفاصيل من هنا:http://www.google.com.eg/cse?cx=partner-pub-8399165789253402:8844436000&ie=UTF-8&q=%D8%AD%D9%88%D8%AA
Kenneth Sowinski
About a couple weeks ago I asked about fenders on the premium bikes and someone sent me a link to fenders on REI that they use. Anyway I can get that link again? Thanks! :)
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http://t.co/rXkmUWC3tj [more…]
The #bigshotbikescrew mobbiN' a neighborhood near you! #bigshotbikes http://t.co/w8J95uLnWZ [more…]
RT @MoonlightDenver: .@BigShotBikes here! http://t.co/A43sVS0hGH [more…]
Come see us at #denvercruiserride and sign up to win this #bigshotbikes cruiser!! http://t.co/uYtuTWvhpv [more…]
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October 1, 2013 (Fort Colllins, Colo.)Big Shot Bikes, maker of design-your-own single speed bikes, is expanding its offerings to include customizable cruisers. The Big Shot Cruiser, with a starting price of $364, comes in two frame styles with a myriad of component color
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