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fishpond is known throughout the fly-fishing industry as the leading manufacturer of innovative products that set new standards in functionality as well as aesthetics. Founded in Silverthorne, Colorado, eight years ago with the mountains and rivers as inspiration, fishpond designs its products with serious fishermen and adventurers in mind. fishpond's product line includes packs and vests, tools and accessories suited for all anglers and travelers. Reaching beyond the angling industry, fishpond has also created luggage and accessories that can go anywhere with style.

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Need a new duffle bag? Check out this review written by Morgan of Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman.
Hope you guys had a great Easter Weekend, aTL and Dun spent the weekend up in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. Fishing was awesome, we broke in the our new fishpond Nomad net, caught too many fish to count, stopped by one of our favorite fly shops The Driftless Angler, enjoyed some great fried cheese, and hung out with some friends from Chicago. Can't wait to get back up there soon. http://flysquaredmedia.com/Blog/?q=2014/04/22/driftless-fishing-trip
A look inside Fishpond's headquarters.
If your in Denver this Saturday make sure you check out Anglers All for their annual Clave!
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April 22, 2014 (Denver, Colo.) Fishpond, Inc., creators of high quality fly-fishing and outdoor travel gear and accessories, adds Ben Hunting and Dave Gellatly, two seasoned sales reps, to its team to further expand the brands reach in strategic locations.

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