In 2007, a small group of passionate Austrian skiers, designers and entrepreneurs re-launched the storied Kästle ski brand after almost 10 years of dormancy. With support from strategic partners and investors Cross Industries Inc., owners of KTM motorcycles, Kästle now manufactures high performance skis and ski apparel. The ski line offers choices from on-piste carving specialists to freeski mountaineering, as well as dedicated freeride models. Kästle is headquartered in the heart of the Austrian Alps, where all its skis are designed, tested and produced. Kästle skis are available at selected North American and European retailers. Visit Kästle >


Kästle Skis
Ian Burson at the USASA Nationals last week
Hattvika Lodge
Lånte snøen på Austvågøy idag- Geitgaljertind er spist! Welcome ski & fishing! WE SKI, Kästle Skis
Hattvika Lodge
Bluebird i Hattvika idag- skitur? Welcome ski & fishing! Viking Footwear, WE SKI, Kästle Skis
Hattvika Lodge
Den som leter finner... Inngangen til påsken er iallefall fin i Lofoten- welcome ski & fishing! Viking Footwear, Kästle Skis, WE SKI
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Kästle announces the addition of Chris Davenport to its shareholder group. Davenport has been with the Kästle Pro Team since its inauguration in 2007. A dedicated big-mountain skier and mountaineer, Davenports involvement with the brand goes beyond that of just an athlete; he has worked

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