In 2007, a small group of passionate Austrian skiers, designers and entrepreneurs re-launched the storied Kästle ski brand after almost 10 years of dormancy. With support from strategic partners and investors Cross Industries Inc., owners of KTM motorcycles, Kästle now manufactures high performance skis and ski apparel. The ski line offers choices from on-piste carving specialists to freeski mountaineering, as well as dedicated freeride models. Kästle is headquartered in the heart of the Austrian Alps, where all its skis are designed, tested and produced. Kästle skis are available at selected North American and European retailers. Visit Kästle >


Hattvika Lodge
Fantastiske muligheter på Svalbard- Se hva Chris Davenport med Kästle Skis og Snow dokumenterer! Hattvika Lodge og Lofoten Horizon kan tilrettelegge for tilsvarende landhugg på Lofotens kyst i vinter. Kontakt oss gjerne for pris/ tilgjengelighet/ informasjon! Welcome ski & fishing! WE SKI
Kästle Skis
11/21/2014 Kästle Athlete Chris Davenport and friends Ingrid Backstrom, Michelle Parker and James Heim head to Norway for some all-time couloir shredding north of the Arctic Circle in this week's installment of #facesofdav:
Kästle Skis
As skiers, we must look crazy to some people. We actively seek weather that the rest of the world avoids. We own equipment that takes up entire closets in the summer. We drive mountain passes when they’re slick and snow covered. We dedicate our entire lives in search of fleeting moments of winter perfection. We don’t “go skiing,” we are skiers. Yes, it must look like nonsense to those on the outside, to those that have never experiences those moments of perfection. But to those that have, it makes all the sense in the world. This is skiing.
Kästle Skis
Letztes Wochenende war KÄSTLE SKI mit der 2014/15 Test Ski Kollektion zu Gast in Obergurgl bei den Audi Österreich Quattro Days – nächste Kästle Testmöglichkeit von 5. – 7. 12.14 in Lech Zürs am Arlberg bei der Snow & Safety Conference! Fotograf: Michael Werlberger
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Kästle, storied Austrian ski manufacturer, announces effective July 1, 2014 the establishment of Kästle USA.  The creation of Kästle USA will greatly benefit retailers with new investments in marketing and other tools to help elevate brand awareness while improving logistics and communication by adding

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