Necky® offers a line of performance kayaks that cater to the unique needs of the avid paddler. From composite racing models to playful recreational kayaks, every Necky boat is crafted to optimize the performance not only of the boat, but also the paddler.

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"Please take me back. My #tbt is from my favorite summer at camp when my group took a 4 day trip #kayaking and #hiking along #LBL and #LakeBarkley #KentuckyLake. That #Necky #kayak was a freaking beaut. #throwback #toomanyhashtags" -Megan Gillespie, photo via Instagram
Necky Kayaks
A Chatham 17 padding out in the Russian Far East.
Michael Atkinson
Bring on the rain
Necky Kayaks
Happy Earth Day!
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Old Town, Maine (March 7, 2014) Winters icy grip may have a hold on much of the country, but things are heating up at the Johnson Outdoors Watercraft facility in Old Town, Maine.  With the 2014 consumer tradeshow season kicking off this weekend at

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