Necky® offers a line of performance kayaks that cater to the unique needs of the avid paddler. From composite racing models to playful recreational kayaks, every Necky boat is crafted to optimize the performance not only of the boat, but also the paddler.

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Nothing like a midweek adventure! We are extremely jealous of Jan Otto right now; thank you for sharing part of your adventure with us via Instagram!
Jeff Williams
Almost ready for Labor Day weekend!!! Looksha 17 and Looksha T
Necky Kayaks
Shouldn't she be smiling?
Allegheny Outfitters
Mark added to his fleet with a new Necky Kayaks RIP 12 in storm! Thank you for your continued support of our little shop Mark, and happy paddling!!
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Old Town, Maine (August 5, 2014) Old Town Canoes & Kayaks, one of the most storied and trusted brands in the paddlesports industry, today launched a new generation of personal watercraft, the Old Town NEXT.  Elegantly combining the comfort
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