Punching a clock wouldn’t really work at RIO...
Partly because the scientists would figure a way around it anyway, but mostly because they never really stop working... even when they're fishing. Being the leader in specialty fly lines doesn’t come easy – you can’t just hire some chemists to pour stuff out of smoking beakers and expect to come up with a good fly line. The fly line has to generate from an idea – that idea then needs to be tested and flawlessly executed, and no one does it better than RIO.
The RIO team is the perfect mingling of fishing and science -- the ideas are endless, the execution is tireless and perfection is our universal goal. Visit RIO Products >


Stop by Bob Marriott's Flyfishing Store, Simon Gawesworth of RIO will be there giving demonstrations. -We will be giving out RIO hats to those who mention liking our Facebook! Hours of the Fair are: 9-5 on Saturday and 9-3 Sunday
New Blog- "2014 Skeena Update"- By Lani Waller
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New Blog- "2014 Skeena Update"- By Lani Waller http://t.co/URWYHDAox5 http://t.co/FkMzxPrNlr [more…]
Is New Zealand on your bucket list? Read more in our latest blog. http://t.co/sbYQg2NvzH http://t.co/11uQUzUb0g [more…]
RT @KayakAnglerMag: Load your fast action fly rod with line designed specially for it. http://t.co/iYHwcskBCT @RIOProducts [more…]
Have you tried our Skagit Max shooting heads featuring ConnectCore technology? #maketheconnection #flyfishing [more…]
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Idaho Falls, Idaho (November 3, 2014) RIO Products, industry-leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, adds the Skagit Max Long, the Skagit Max Short VersiTip, and the Skagit Max Long VersiTip to the arsenals of spey anglers. All

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