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Based in Steamboat Springs, CO, SmartWool® is an apparel brand whose products are inspired by living and playing in the mountains. The company offers year-round apparel for an active life lived in unpredictable mountain climates. SmartWool® products are created to get the most out of the inherent benefits of Merino wool while delivering extraordinary comfort through intelligent and thoughtful products, allowing mountain athletes to do what they love to do longer. SmartWool Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Timberland Company. Visit SmartWool >


Lorence Wang
Our web site: www.bestshine.com.tw 1. I am a manufacturer from Taiwan, looking for partners all over the world. 2. We have an unique & patented sterilization sock, which will not smell after 3 days without washing. 3. We can provide the socks and advertise your company's logo 4. We can make your company become the most competitive company in the market. 5. This is not a commercial, I am really looking forward to work with your company. Please reply me ASAP.
Glen Currie
Team NZ Adventure supported by smartwool New Zealand win international adventure race in China. The smartwool compression socks were most definitely in use for the 12 hour trip home!
Jaquelyn Smith
Baby SmartWool
Evan Holt
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Less than a year afterlaunching its community-driven ambassador initiative, the Fan Field Tester program, SmartWool is adding elite athletes to its roster. Fan Field Tester has been a homerun, says SmartWool president, Mark Satkiewicz. We have engaged the most passionate part of our fan-base

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