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Jan 19|Anon

The Launch of Anon’s New Helmet Furthers the Brand’s Commitment to Improving Helmet Safety Standards

BURLINGTON, VT (Jan 19, 2022) Anon, the maker of ski and snowboard helmets, goggles and accessories, kicks off the new year by launching the first-ever kids’ snowsports helmet to feature WaveCel Technology. The Kids’ Windham WaveCel helmet is available now and builds on the brand’s commitment to advance on-snow safety for skiers and riders of all ages. The Windham WaveCel will be available in both youth and adult sizes and will be an expansion to the WaveCel offering the brand introduced to the snowsports market last year.


“The next generation of skiers and riders are pushing boundaries farther and progressing faster than ever before,” said Mark Wakeling, Anon’s Global Business Unit director. “With brain and head injuries on the rise, especially with young athletes, the need for more advanced helmet technology is clearer than ever. We designed the new Kids’ Windham WaveCel helmet just as we would with our freeride helmets designed for pro athletes in the backcountry, today’s most advanced materials and are tested in multiple situations to ensure they protect against a variety of impacts and scenarios.”


WaveCel is a helmet safety technology that is available exclusively for snowsports in Anon helmets. Standard foam helmets are mainly effective against direct impacts. But WaveCel accounts for how most accidents actually happen: ungracefully, with twists, turns, and angled impacts. It works like a crumple zone that helps absorb the force of an impact before it reaches a rider’s brain. In order to help protect and absorb the energy created by an impact, WaveCel goes through a three-step change in material structure.

  1. First, the cells flex to help reduce the initial frictional forces.
  2. Next, the cells crumple like a car bumper upon impact.
  3. Finally, WaveCel glides to help redirect energy away from your head.


In addition to WaveCel technology, the Kids’ Windham WaveCel helmets come loaded with additional comfort and fit features. These include but are not limited to an in-shell 360 BOA® fit system, Fidlock® buckle and Polartec® Power Grid™ fleece lining for added warmth and comfort. There are two sizes available: S/M and L/XL and four colors: Mint, Black, Mountain Stone and Tropical Black.


The youth and adult versions of the Windham WaveCel are available for consumers to shop in-store and online now.


About Anon
Founded in 2001, Anon provides optimal vision and protection for every winter weather condition. From progressive design concepts to technical executions, Anon ensures that every helmet and goggle meets the demands of the top ski and snowboard athletes in the world. For more information on Anon, visit

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