In September 2022, Backbone celebrated its 25th annivesary. To mark the occassion, we also undertook a rebrand. We're excited to share this preview of our new branding with Outside readers before the full launch in January 2023. 

Backbone is an agency for those who want to move.

We're for people and brands who are never satisfied with standing still. Who always want to round the corner, push a little further, see what’s around the bend. Those who charge to what’s next, love good company, and want to leave the world better than they found it.

Are you in?


What we've been up to.

Pizza Partnerships with Ooni

Backbone is on a mission to make Ooni synonymous with pizza — because everyone deserves great pizza. 

We've reached pizza newbies and connoisseurs through high-impact content partnerships, strategic earned media outreach and direct media partnerships. 

Video has out-performed expectations, and KANTAR studies point significant increases in aided brand awareness from users exposed to Ooni content.

Raising Climate Awareness with Bank of the West

The banking industry is notoriously entangled with investments that harm the environment, but Bank of the West is leading the charge toward divestment from fossil fuels.

Backbone has spent years building connections between Bank of the West and communities that will take up their charge to build more sustainable banking practices. Most recently, this included a multi-channel campaign around a disappearing sand billboard to raise awareness of disappearing kelp forests. 

Stoking YETI's Core Since 2015

YETI has a unique and enduring ability to retain core connections while building mainstream appeal. For the past seven years, Backbone has been building and cultivating brand love among YETI's core communities.

From earned media wins to content partnerships and print ads in passion-based publications, Backbone's work for YETI has ensured that they've never lost contact with the communities that built the brand. 

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